Women’s Relational Healing Group In Tennessee

For women that are ready to stop old patterns, heal from what hurt them, and become confident and connected

Supportive Virtual Women’s Group Therapy

Coming from a family system or past relationship that felt cold, detached, chaotic, or even frightening can have lasting effects on how we live our lives today. Sometimes, we seek comfort in relationships that are less than healthy, or sometimes we pull away from people that are supportive and loving and don’t know why we do this. This can make being a mother, friend, girlfriend, partner, wife, and daughter extremely difficult.

It can leave us feeling depressed, anxious, triggered by everyday things or interactions, disconnected from others, or like we are not whole or worthy or good enough.

Women’s group therapy can help with these stressors and struggles.

Women’s Relational Healing Group Therapy will help you:

  • Improve your mood and learn effective coping strategies that help better navigate difficult emotions without shutting down, missing important life events, and withdrawing from others.
  • Gain awareness of others that are also struggling in similar ways, helping you no longer feel so alone. Leading to a deepened feeling of connection and acceptance from others.
  • Create a comforting, and supportive environment where difficult life stories can be discussed and held with non-judgement and empathetic ears.
  • Break toxic cycles that keep you feeling stuck in the same relational and communication patterns

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You don’t have to keep feeling hopeless and inadequate and instead can work to feel free, whole, and connected.


Allow yourself to embark on a new journey with others like you.

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