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Counseling for Women
in Nashville, TN

Are you a Woman that is tired of running on empty?

Helping others comes natural to you. Even from a young age, your friends and family members have come to you with their problems and you were always there to lend an ear; to help them out in anyway that you could.

But now, you find this part of yourself to be more of a burden than a gift.

The people in your life seem to always needs something from you, and you really struggle to say no.

You feel like if you say no, you’re being selfish. Or worse, you feel like if you say no, you are disappointing them.

You fear that if you are not needed, you will be alone.

But by giving so much of yourself, you feel like you don’t know who you are anymore.

You have convinced yourself that your relationships are only as strong as the amount of energy you pour into them. So you pour all of yourself and are left with very little.

It is so exhausting.

We know you want to make a change. We know you are so tired of being tired; tired of being anxious; tired of feeling empty; tired of not knowing yourself. But… you have no idea where to start. You have no idea how to do life differently, because this is the way you have always done things.

That is where our paths can meet.

Individual counseling can help and we would love to walk alongside you and invite you into a new way of relating to others and yourself.

What would it be like if you could care for others while still having enough energy for your own needs? Wouldn’t it feel good to know yourself again; to be present inside of your life?

What if, instead of feeling like you are never good enough or doing enough, you felt confident, safe and at peace?

It is finally time for you to find yourself again. To create more balance in your life. To change those beliefs that are standing in the way of fully living the life you want. Together we can work to find a balance where you are no longer running on empty.

If you are ready to start this journey, we are here to help you find your way. Schedule a counseling appointment  or ask us your questions. We are here to help.