Women Who Feel Deeply

  • Are you highly aware of how a person is feeling even before they say anything?
  • Do often feel drained after leaving a group of people?
  • Do you or other people describe you as being very intuitive?
  • Have people called you “too sensitive” in the past?

What you are experiencing is a trait found in only 15-20% of the population. It means that your brain is more aware and sensitive to both internal and external stimulation, which means that you pick up on the subtleties others do not. The problem is that most people with this trait were never taught how to effectively manage it; instead, they were generally made to feel wrong, misunderstood, or “too sensitive.” Learning to see this part of yourself as a gift and not a weakness is incredibly important. It allows you to stop putting yourself down for who you are, and begin to know yourself in a better, more compassionate way.

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