Group Therapy For Teens
Teen Girls Group In Brentwood, TN

For teen girls that are ready to ditch feeling anxious and become confident and connected.

Supportive Brentwood Teen Girls Group Therapy

Being a teenager in the Williamson County School system is incredibly stressful. Adolescent girls are having to balance countless hours of homework every night, manage high expectations to get straight A's, worry daily about finding ways to create a competitive and impressive college resume; all while trying to fit in to their own social group,  and navigate peer conflict.

These stressors can cause your teen daughter to struggle with feelings of panic, hopelessness, low self-esteem, depression, perfectionism, and social withdrawal. 

Teen group therapy can help with these stressors and struggles.

Teen Girls Talk Therapy Group will help your teen:

  • Improve her mood and learn effective coping strategies that help her better navigate difficult emotions without her shutting down, missing school, and withdrawing to her room.
  • Gain awareness of others that are also struggling in similar ways, helping her no longer feel so alone. Leading to a deepened feeling of connection and acceptance from others.
  • Create a comforting, and supportive environment where her peers help support and encourage her to achieve her goals and dreams, all while getting to be her most authentic and real self.
  • Come out of her shell, and begin to be that happy, goofy, and loving girl she use to be!

Join our Brentwood Teen Girls Group Therapy

Help your daughter stop feeling so hopeless and inadequate and instead feel confident and accepted.

How to Enroll in Group:

Step 1: Complete the contact form on our contact page or click the skip the phone tag button to schedule a specific time to speak with our intake coordinator.

Step 2: Speak with our Intake Coordinator to see if there are open spaces in the group and if your teen meets the criteria for enrollment.

Step 3: Get scheduled for a Group Intake Assessment with our Group Therapist.

Step 4: Start group!