Teen Girls

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  • Does your teen struggle with a low sense of self-worth?
  • Does she have poor confidence in herself?
  • Do you find her often needing a lot of encouragement and validation to make decisions?
  • Or, does she seem to be displaying poor boundaries inside of her relationships at school?

Raising a young woman that feels confident, strong, and independent is incredibly difficult in this day and age. Especially with the numerous harmful messages they receive from their peers, social media, TV, and pop culture. It’s no wonder that parents can feel at their wits-end on what to do.

Therapy can be incredibly powerful for a teenage girl. It allows her a chance to connect with an adult outside of her family, school, church, or friend group and begin to explore her thoughts, feelings, and actions in a safe space. RepleishHER, LLC sees teen work as a time to help your daughter discover her own independent voice, help her create healthy boundaries for herself, increase her sense of self-worth and value and establish meaningful, authentic relationships. Take the next step in getting your daughter some added support by contacting me today.