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Helping Teen Girls stop struggling with never feeling good enough and instead find peace and happiness within themselves.

Adolescent Girls Therapy for Nashville TN
and the Surrounding Areas

You long to have that happy, curious, care-free daughter of yours back. It feels like overnight she changed into this anxious, depressed, and moody teenager that you can’t seem to reach.

teen girl counseling Nashville - girl smiling in a white topShe isn’t opening up to you as much anymore, and rarely does she willingly spend time with you and your family. Her responses to your questions are short and often you feel like nothing you say is right.

She has stopped showing interest in extracurriculars that she once loved, and perhaps even her grades are starting to drop. Her friendships at school seem to be turbulent. One day everything is sunshine and roses and the next your daughter is telling you she wants to change schools because nobody likes her.

You wonder if she is struggling with anxiety or depression, or if her moods are just normal adolescent behavior. You don’t want to immediately put her on medication, but none of the books or approaches you’ve been researching seem to be making any difference.

At Replenish Her Counseling we provide specialized Teen Girl Therapy in the Nashville area to help you and your daughter navigate this challenging season of life through a holistic approach.

We strive to create a space for your daughter to feel valued and listened to while also equipping her with the tools and skills she needs to navigate difficult feelings, relationships, and adjustment periods.

Common Specialty Areas
of Nashville Teen Girl Counseling

  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Social Anxiety and Low Self-Esteem
  • Depression, Isolation, and Self-Harming Behaviors
  • Divorce Adjustment
  • Adjustment Issues with being new to the Nashville Area
  • Anger and Impulsive Behaviors
  • Other Uncharacteristic Behaviors (i.e. Sexually Acting Out, JUULing, Lying, Missing School)

Customized One-on-One Counseling for Teens Adolescent Teen Girl Counseling Nashville TN

Our mission is to help your daughter decrease feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and depression- and help instill feelings of empowerment, resiliency, and positive self-worth.

Establishing a trusting, therapeutic relationship is key.

In a teens mind, having a relationship with an adult comes with feelings of expectation and a need to please. Because of this, teen girls will often withhold feelings, thoughts, and behaviors; confiding instead to their peers- who sadly do not always offer the best support and direction.

Teens feel that if the adults in their life knew what was really going on inside of them, it would mean damaging that relationship, or worse, causing disappointment.

Brentwood teen girls therapy - teen and woman talkingTeen Girls need a space where they can learn to connect with an adult in a meaningful and authentic way- without feeling the pressure of expectation.

At Replenish Her Counseling, we work hard to create an environment where teens can show up exactly as they are, with zero expectation, and know that, that is more than enough!

We do this through speaking their language.

Music, Art, Bullet Journaling, Movies, Social media, and Other Expressive Outlets These are all important tools that are incorporated into the therapy space.

Once a relationship is established, we focus on helping teen girls increase their self-awareness.

Because teens are growing up in a generation of instant gratification- where they are glued to their phones and decisions are driven by social media norms- their awareness tends to focus on their external world, leading to a lack of good insight and self-awareness.

By helping Teen Girls have an increased mindfulness about what they are feeling, why they are feeling it, and how their feelings directly impact their actions/impulsive decisions - We are able to help them live their lives with intention.

Teen Girl Counseling in the Nashville area can help your teen create a meaningful and happy life.

Common Goals in Teen Girl Counseling

  • Make more of her own decisions without needed to be constantly reassured
  • Feel like she is more than enough
  • Improve her relationships with family, friends, and school
  • Be able to handle emotions when approaching difficult situations
  • Not worrying as much about what other people think
  • Get better Grades
  • Feel more confident and herself
  • Create a better home environment for her and the rest of the family

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Counseling for Teen Girls in Brentwood and Nashville, TN

Growing confidence and resiliency skills through teen girl counseling.