Hi, I’m Sophia

I am a Clinical Supervisor and Licensed Professional Counselor at Replenish Her.

I help depressed and worried women feel their emotions, so they can trust themselves and build healthy relationships with others.

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Sophia Barringhaus, Replenish Her Counseling, Nashville, TN

Sophia Barringhaus, LPC-MHSP


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If there were one thing I could tell the younger version of myself it would be you don’t have to abandon yourself for the comfort of other people. You are yours.

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I do my best work in helping young adults…

  • Start to peel off the mask they feel they need to go out into the world everyday.
  • Honor their past selves, what happened to them, what they did not receive, and what was out of their control; all while making positive steps towards a hopeful future.
  • Put themselves first, and value the special gifts, traits, and values that make them uniquely them.
  • Identify underlying sources of sadness and worry.
  • Begin to untangle the web that makes them feel bound.
  • Break out of cycles that keep relationships with others from starting, growing, or being healthy

Ready to get Started?

Sophia, Nashville, TN, Replenish Her Counseling

I received my Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Trevecca Nazarene University. While in school, I traveled to Uganda, Africa to offer counseling and mental health education to the community.

I am passionate about starting conversations about the importance of mental health. I continue going back to my alma mater to discuss my own story with trauma in hopes others will feel empowered to do the same.

I began my career as a drug and alcohol addictions counselor in both an inpatient and outpatient setting. 

I use a variety of different therapy modalities, including Brainspotting, to help my clients sort out the connection between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as well as get in touch with emotions they believe they don’t have access to.

I am an experienced group facilitator and find that we heal within healthy connections with others who may not have our same story, but can connect to our emotions as a result.

Building connected real relationships with my clients is my top priority.

As a therapist, I feel it is my duty to continue to learn and grow my skill set within this field, remaining flexible and teachable to the new ideas that are offered.

I desire to show up in the world and in the therapy room with compassion, presence, humor and t is my mission to…

It is my desire to let my clients know that there is NOTHING wrong with them. 

Trauma, systemic policy, roles we feel forced into and other hard things are folded layers over our true selves. 

Connecting with self and our own needs is hard work. 

We think, feel, and behave in the ways we do at times because at some point, it was protective and a way to stay safe.space for truth seeking.

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By the end of our services together, I desire for my clients to feel totally capable, more than enough, and compassionate towards their past selves. I want them to develop a relationship with their more difficult parts of self, like anxiety or depression, that is more neutral and not based in shame or resentment.

being goofy and laughing with my friends and family
finding and hiking new spots
writing poetry
traveling the world
watching scary movies

Payment Details

  • Individual Counseling $160
  • Out-of-Network Benefits can be applied based on your insurance plan. It is your responsibility to verify your reimbursement rate with your insurance company. Please note that a formal Mental Health Diagnosis is required for filing for insurance reimbursement.
  • Payment can be made with a Health Savings Account, Credit Card, Cash, or Check.
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