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Replenish Her Counseling offers personalized, creative, individual counseling sessions to women and teens in the greater Nashville area.

Our practice is devoted to helping those that feel like outsiders in their lives. We understand that our clients long to have happy, meaningful, and drama-free relationships; But, to do this, we believe the first step is by creating a better love, acceptance, and understanding of yourself. Our counseling sessions create the space to do this, through helping clients explore their thoughts, get in touch with their feelings, and learn how to better navigate tough emotions like sadness, anxiety, and loneliness.

We specialize in working with WomenCollege Aged WomenTeen GirlsTweens, as well as offering Parent Support.

Clients have the option to meet with our Licensed Professional Counselor, in person, at our Replenish Her Counseling Office; or to meet virtually through our secure, HIPPA compliant Virtual Office.

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Summer Group Therapy Options

Pre-Teen & Teen Role Playing Group

High School Girls' Process Group

LGBTQIA+ Adolescent Support Group

Middle School Girls' Process Group

Middle School Boys' Process Group

Middle School Art & Music Therapy Summer Camp

Young Women's Process Group

BIPOC Healer's Group *Virtual*

Sober Curious Webinars

Teacher's Support Group *Virtual*

Expressive Therapies

Specialty Therapies, Workshops & More

Therapy for Anxiety

Therapy for Depression

Therapy for Trauma

Counseling for College Students


Options forHow to Meet

Dominique's Office, Nashville, TN, Replenish Her Counseling

In-Office Counseling Sessions

Sessions are available to clients on a weekly basis. Clients generally meet weekly for the first 8 to 12 weeks, at which point the option can be made to decrease to meeting biweekly, monthly, or as needed. This determination is made between the client, counselor, and *if applicable,* the parent. The decision to change the frequency of therapy is based on how the client is progressing in therapy and what the client’s individual needs are at that time.

Online Counseling, Nashville, TN, Replenish Her Counseling

Virtual Counseling Sessions

Sessions are available for clients who wish to meet with a therapist from the comfort of their own home. This is a great option for those hesitant to deal with more Nashville driving, but truly wish to meet regularly with a therapist. This is also a great option for teens and college students that don’t always have access to a therapist because of transportation issues, or a jam-packed school schedule.

Walk and Talk Therapy, Brentwood, TN, Replenish Her Counseling

Walk and Talk Therapy Sessions

Sessions are available to clients who love nature, love moving, and find it easier to talk about things when you’re outside, in the fresh air. These sessions are able to occur right from Replenish Her’s office, or at one of Nashville’s beautiful parks or greenways. This form of therapy requires an assessment, as well as the client and/or parent consenting to this type of counseling appointment.

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COVID Policies

We are happy to be providing both in-office sessions, at our Cool Springs Location, as well as virtual therapy options, through our secure platform.

Our Telehealth Counseling Sessions are offered through a safe and confidential link, that is easy to access and navigate.

We also check in with you before your first appointment, to ensure we are meeting your own personalized needs in regards to covid safety. 

You have the choice to meet with your clinician in person, masked or unmasked, or via telehealth. 

**Keep in mind some specific clinicians may require masked sessions or exclusively telehealth. You may ask our intake coordinator about this during your intake call. 

Each of our clinical offices has a HEPA filtration system in place. Our clinicians are all vaccinated and we are constantly keeping up to date on the best practices of Covid protection.

We place an importance on monitoring Covid safety, while also meeting our clients from their own individualized feelings and needs related to Covid precautions. 

Counseling for Women, Teens, Children, Couples & More in Nashville, TN Area

Stop feeling defined by your past, but instead begin your next life chapter with bravery and self-compassion.