Board-Gaming Social Skills Group for Pre-Teens
Pre-Teen Group in Brentwood, TN

Helping socially anxious pre-teen girls, ages 11 to 13, learn communication skills and conquer social anxiety through cooperative boardgame playing.

Supportive Brentwood Pre-Teen Girls Group Therapy

The pre-teen years can be confusing and difficult socially, especially following the isolation from an ongoing pandemic. Boardgames create a unique fun and structured space for your pre-teen to practice and re-gain confidence interacting with her peers.

Groups are an amazing way to support your pre-teen because your pre-teen is at a critical developmental stage where connection is a priority. In group, we work to create an environment where your pre-teen will feel comforted, connected, and soothed. We also have fun through using board games as an intervention to ease your pre-teen in learning to conquer their social anxiety and difficulty communicating with others.

This group is specifically designed for pre-teen girls who may be struggling socially. This group will provide members an opportunity to work on their social skills in a supportive structured environment as well as discuss age-appropriate topics, such as friendships, conversation skills, bullying, peer pressure, social media, and self-harming behaviors.

This group is for your pre-teen if she is struggling with:

  • Isolation
  • Difficulty making friends
  • Lacking confidence
  • Knowing how to resolve conflicts
  • Understanding how actions affect others
  • Understanding her own feelings and the feelings of peers

Group Therapy will help her learn and level up these skills:

  • Feeling confident and worthy
  • How to support peers
  • Increasing frustration tolerance
  • Learning how to overcome challenges
  • Discussing and resolving conflicts
  • Identifying and communicating feelings and needs
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Pre-teen Social Skills through Board Gaming Group

# of Members: 3-7

Therapist: Vanessa Davis

Day/Time: Tuesdays 7 pm-8:30 pm

Price: $60/group session with Monthly Commitment. Groups are billed at the first group of each month, for the number of group sessions meeting that month.

How to Enroll in Group:

Step 1: Click the "Apply Now" button

Step 2: Our Intake Coordinator will then reach out to see if your teen meets the criteria for enrollment.

Step 3: Get scheduled for a Group Intake Assessment with our Group Therapist.

Step 4: Start group!