I’m Maddy Miller

I help discouraged teens and women who feel lost in life, develop a clear path forward.

I am a Graduate Counseling Intern at Replenish Her.

If there were one thing I could tell the younger version of myself, it would be that you are allowed to get things wrong; and even when you feel alone, there are people who want to be there for you.

Do you feel like you are doing all of the “right things” and yet still feel stuck and unhappy in your life? Maybe you are struggling with feeling disconnected from others, while also feeling unfulfilled in your school and work life.

If that is the case, I would like to invite you to come and work with me.

I am passionate about helping my clients not just improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, but create lasting change in their ability to connect with others as well as themselves. I want my clients to feel fulfilled in their day-to-day life, and I know that in order to do this, it takes a blend of self-exploration, intentional change in behaviors, and a reframe into how you are thinking about things.

I am here to help you do this, and meet the goals you are longing to achieve.

I do my best work with women and teens who are…

Navigating difficult life transitions (i.e. breakups, moves, losses, phase of life issues, pregnancy, and motherhood).

Questioning their identity and need a safe space to explore this topic.

Yearning to feel confident and empowered inside their own body.

Hoping to feel a deeper connection with others as well as themselves.


I am a Graduate Counseling student at Vanderbilt University in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program. I am being supervised by Christine Finnegan, LPC-MHSP, the owner of Replenish Her Counseling. I love to use a Humanistic approach in my counseling sessions, pulling from a variety of modalities, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), relational cultural models, and mindfulness-based therapy. I find that these modalities help my clients work through distressing thoughts and feelings and learn to no longer feel stuck. I am also trained in Maternal Mental Health through Postpartum Support International (PSI).

Previously, I studied Psychology and Religious Studies, with a focus on Buddhist and South Asian traditions, at The College of William & Mary in Virginia. I was fortunate enough to deepen my education through studying abroad in Greece, Bhutan, and Spain; each experience enriching my understanding of the interplay between culture and mental health. I then worked at William & Mary’s Integrative Wellness Center where I developed workshops and planned counseling initiatives for students to build meaningful relationships and cope with the stress and anxiety of everyday life.

Outside of my Internship with Replenish Her and Vanderbilt classes, I am also co-facilitating a new mom’s wellness group at another local Counseling Agency that focuses specifically on motherhood issues; a topic I am personally very passionate about.

When I am not with clients you will find me teaching yoga classes, taste testing all of Nashville’s bakeries, cooking meals with family and friends, and definitely listening to Beyonce.


  • Individual Counseling $80
  • Out-of-Network Benefits can be applied based on your insurance plan. It is your responsibility to verify your reimbursement rate with your insurance company. Please note that a formal Mental Health Diagnosis is required for filing for insurance reimbursement.
  • Payment can be made with a Health Savings Account, Credit Card, Cash, or Check.