Groups Therapy
in Nashville, TN

How do you know if group is right for you or your teen?

  • If you have a mean, critical, inner voice that constantly keeps you from doing what you love.
  • If you feel like an outcast, or a freak; like no one really gets you.
  • If you find yourself saying, "No one understand me" or "Everyone judges me"
  • If you're sick of struggling alone inside your anxiety and sadness

Group Therapy is like individual counseling on steroids!

Group helps speed up the process of therapy by giving you a chance to hear other people put into words, what you struggle to express for yourself. If you have no idea why you feel so anxious, sad, or judged; group therapy may be exactly what you are looking for. Hearing other people's stories and personally relating to their struggles, can feel validating! Better yet, group therapy puts your emotional self-growth on hyperdrive, by learning new skills every week. Through activities, music, art, and games- group creates the perfect balance between being fun and light-hearted, while also addressing and navigating difficult emotions and thoughts. Come see what it's like to be a part of a community that is not going judge you. Our goal is to make you feel welcomed and accepted just as you are. Your unique, quirky, wonderful self.

The Details

Day and Time of Group

Groups run at various times in the afternoon and evenings, on an ongoing basis throughout the school year. We have planned breaks during Williamson county's winter and spring break. We also take several breaks during the summer.

Number of Group Members

Groups are kept to 7 members max, to ensure a safe, intimate feeling atmosphere, where everyone's voice can be heard. Groups are 60 minutes in length.

Cost of Group

The investment in group therapy is $60 per group session. A portion of group may be reimbursable by insurance.