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Counseling for Women and Teen Girls

Welcome to Replenish Her and counseling in the Nashville TN area. My name is Christine Finnegan. I am the founder of ReplenishHER, as well as a counselor here. Combined with my professional know-how and warm, supportive understanding I strive to provide the best counseling services in the Nashville area.

If you are on this website you may be in a place of hurt, pain, or confusion.  You’re not alone. Many people struggle with issues and problems and are really hurting.  Working with a counselor can help you through this time.

Counseling – Common Issues People Seek Help With:


Anxiety is a feeling of dread, turmoil, or worry and a constant fearful, troubled state.  Anxiety can be stirred up by a number of reasons:

  • Stress: Everyone contends with stress. However extreme or unresolved stress can increase your odds of developing chronic anxiety.
  • Your Personality type: Some folks are more likely to develop anxiety.  High-strung, busy people with type A personalities have a greater possibility of developing an anxiety disorder.
  • Genetics: Within your family if someone has an anxiety disorder, you are more likely to develop one too. If you have a parent with anxiety then your risk is greater.
  • Trauma: Severe trauma, such as military combat, or child abuse raises your risk of developing anxiety. This can include witnessing something traumatic, being the victim of trauma, the victim of trauma being a loved one.
  • Gender: It is reported that women are twice as likely as men to be affected by a generalized anxiety disorder.


Depression is a real medical condition. It is when intense sadness – including feeling hopeless, helpless, and worthless that lasts for two weeks or more and prevents you from living your life.  It is a serious but common mood disorder.  .

  • According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), an expert on the subject of mental health issues, women are likely to experience depression 70 percent more often than men during lifetime.
  • Approximately 1 out of eight women in the United States can expect to suffer from clinical depression during their lifetime.
  • Women aged 25 to 44 develop depression most frequently.

Counseling Help is Available

Often people suffer for years without getting help. But help and change is available so you can experience a better life. You don’t need to struggle alone I am here for you. Please call I really do want you to find the help, information, care, or motivation you are looking for. Let’s start right now.

Replenish Her offers women’s counseling for the great Nashville area. Our office is conveniently located in Brentwood TN. We also offer teen girl counseling and life transitions therapy.

When you are ready, please call so I can assist you.