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Counseling for Women
Nashville, TN

Women’s Counseling

Hello and welcome to Replenish Her, I’m Christine Finnegan, a therapist here as well as the founder of Replenish Her.  I provide women’s counseling for the greater Nashville TN area. With both my professional experience and supportive, warm relational style, it is my goal to provide the best counseling and psychotherapy services for you.

I specialize in working with Women and Teenage Girls. I love helping them establish healthy boundaries, find empowerment, and ultimately work towards creating healthier relationships with themselves and others.

You are here at this website for a reason. It is possible you are hurt, in pain or might be in a state of confusion.

Please understand you don’t have to face these trials alone. Many people struggle with issues and problems and are suffering and hurting too. Getting assistance from a supportive counselor can really help empower you to confront these issues and work through them.

Common Areas of Women’s Counseling

Women can experience issues that are exclusive to them, as women. Through counseling I strive to help them with the issues they are dealing with. This can make an enormous difference in their lives.  Women’s counseling can help with self-esteem issues, toxic shame, identity struggles, fertility issues, childbirth issues, relationship troubles and other difficult life circumstances that women can face.

  • Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed?
  • Perhaps you are tired and drained with how your relationships are going?
  • Are you grappling to find your own voice?
  • Possibly you are having a tough time managing your depression, or anxiety.
  • Are you having struggles acknowledging your own needs?
  • Maybe you are in the middle of a divorce or you have to learn how to live alone after a divorce and need assistance during this challenging time.
  • Or it could be that you are just dissatisfied with your life.

My wish is that women start to know themselves, understand their emotions, their needs, and  their boundaries.

Women’s Counseling Help in the Nashville Area is Available

It is sad that people often suffer for years with issues without getting any help. Nevertheless support and change can occur. You really can have a better life. Please don’t struggle alone I am here to help you.

As a supportive, warm and empathic counselor, I can help as your guide in discovering what has purpose and meaning for you so you can build the love and life you genuinely want. My hope for you is to get the information, help, motivation, or care you are looking for. Let’s begin right now.

Replenish Her offers counseling for women and teenage girls in the greater Nashville area. My office is conveniently located in Brentwood TN. I also offer life transitions therapy.

When you are ready, please call so I can help you.