Art Therapy Group for Teen Girls
In Brentwood, TN

Helping Anxious and Depressed Teen Girls find connection and belonging through a creative therapeutic approach.

Brentwood Art Therapy Group for Teen Girls

Your daughter is struggling to connect with her peers at school. Her social anxiety and sadness have caused her to feel like an outcast.

You find that she spends a lot of her time in a constant comparison. She states that nobody understands her, and she just wants to be home schooled.

She use to be a very creative person. Often finding joy inside creating art, listening or playing music, or participating in musical theater. But now she tells you that none of those things interest her anymore. Or she just doesn’t have the motivation.

You want your daughter back and you are struggling to find a way to help support her through this difficult season of life. The art therapy group for teen girls in Brentwood, TN can help.

What is Art Therapy?

art therapy for teen girls in Brentwood, TN - girl painting a picture

Art therapy, also is called art psychology or expressive art, encourages emotional growth and self-discovery. It connects both the creation of art and the discovery its importance. To find out more about art therapy please visit the American Art Therapy Association.

Brentwood Group Art Therapy will Help your Teen;

Brentwood Art Therapy Group for Teen Girls – paints and brushes

  • Feel community and connection amongst peers her own age. This group is small and carefully chosen so that your daughter will find safety in connecting with peers that hold similar interests and goals.
  • Engage her in art activities that specifically draw out emotional expression as well as create a more positive outlook.
  • Give her a deeper way to self-express and relate to others than just trying to find words. Often teens struggle to communicate themselves clearly through their words; but find art and creativity to be a much more meaningful outlet.
  • Improve her mood and ability to cope with her stressors at school and home. Your daughter feels isolated and alone in her world right now. Group is an amazing way of helping both elevate her mood while also equipping her with effective tools to better navigate her emotional ups and downs.

Join our Brentwood Art Therapy Group for Teen Girls

Help your daughter alleviate her social anxiety by finding confidence and belonging through art therapy, amongst a group of like-minded and creative peers.

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