Adolescent Parenting Support Group

Find support and tools to help improve and deepen your relationship with your teen.

Parenting Support Group in Brentwood TN

Parenting a teenager can be exhausting and feel like a roller coaster. One day, you have a perfect day with your teen but the very next day they tell you that they never want to speak to you again.

This inconsistency can feel unsettling and worrisome for many parents. As parents, we want our child to grow up to be happy and healthy, so it is normal to worry when our child begins displaying behaviors that seemingly are not helping them to move towards their goals.

This parenting group is designed to help you better understand and connect to your teenager and their emotions. The adolescent years are crucial in brain development, so learning to be attuned to your child and their needs through these years will help them develop into the happy and healthy adults you hope for them to become.

Meet the Facilitator

Teen Parent Support Group will help you with:

  • Gain knowledge on what appropriate teenage development looks like
  • Experience more connection and positive communication with your teen
  • Develop conflict-resolution strategies that help repair the relationship after an argument occurs
  • Gain support from other parents that are experiencing the same behaviors with their teenager
  • Develop insight about how your upbringing, attachment style, and learned parenting styles are influencing your relationship with your child

Group Details:

  • # of Members: 3-6
  • Therapist: Hannah Grisham
  • Day/Time: Mondays, 7pm-8:30 pm
  • Price: $60/group session with Monthly Commitment. Groups are billed at the first group of each month, for the number of group sessions meeting that month.

How to Enroll in Group:

Step 1: Click the button "Click Here to Apply" or click the skip the phone tag button to schedule a specific time to speak with our intake coordinator to learn more about this group.

Step 2: Speak with our Intake Coordinator to see if there are open spaces in group and if you meet criteria for enrollment.

Step 3: Get scheduled for a Group Intake Assessment with our Group Therapist.

Step 4: Start group!