My goal is for ReplenishHER, LLC to not be your typical counseling practice. I seek to provide specialized services to Women and Teenage Girls in more than just one way.  It’s important to me that you understand how much I get how very different and unique the healing process can be for each individual.

That is why this is a counseling practice devoted to offering support, hope, and healing to women and teenage girls in numerous ways.

Sometimes you’re just not ready to fully jump into individual therapy and that’s ok! Here are a list of various services that will hopefully meet your needs, wherever you may be at or feel ready for.

  • Scheduling an initial counseling session to see if I can help you achieve a more balanced and joyful life.  Weekly, Biweekly, and Intensive Therapy sessions are available. Cost: $140 / 50 minute session
  • Joining one of my ReplenishHER Groups where you can develop community and support with other like-minded women that are working to replenish themselves. Cost: $50/ 90 minute group session

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