ReplenishHER Counseling

Helping Women and Teens Find True Belonging

People have told you that you are too sensitive, too dramatic, or being overly emotional. You feel really misunderstood. You keep people at a comfortable distance, trying to be helpful, while never asking for help yourself.

It's hard for you to open up to people and let them know you're really sad; That you feel really alone; That you struggle with so much anxiety- sometimes you can't sleep at night, and it makes you sick to your stomach.

You feel like the people in your life are constantly judging you: Your parents, friends, teachers, peers, siblings, boyfriend, husband, children, coworkers. Everyone has different expectations of you and you work really hard to keep them happy. It feels like an impossible juggling act, and before you know it you've disappointed someone else.

The majority of the time you feel numb. You try to avoid all emotion, but eventually it becomes too much. Your emotions escape you, like a floodgate opening. You find yourself crying at the smallest of things, unable to stop. You start having panic attacks, and you notice yourself wanting to avoid people all together.

You want change. You want to feel like you can be with people without having to work so hard to keep everyone happy.  You want to be able to be yourself, without feeling so judged. You want to belong.

ReplenishHER Counseling is a therapy practice devoted to helping women and teens heal from the damage that has been done by past relationships. Our Licensed Professional Counselors work to help you achieve a better love and understanding of who you are uniquely made to be.

We believe that true belonging only happens when you first belong to yourself.

It is our mission to help women and teens go from feeling alone and misunderstood to feeling confident and connected .

We are dedicated to helping our clients see how different life can be, even when they find it difficult to imagine.

If you are looking for a therapist that will truly listen to you, not just plop an answer into your lap, then you have found the right place. We are passionate about making sure our clients feel heard and cared for.

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When we work with you, we will create goals that feel achievable. Sometimes looking at the big picture of change feels paralyzing, so nothing ever happens. That's why our counselors are experts at breaking down that big picture into small, actionable steps; helping you get started without feeling lost and out-of-control through the process.

Perhaps you've been telling yourself, "My life isn't really that bad. There are so many people that have far worse problems than I do. They deserve to go to therapy, not me."

This type of thought is exactly why therapy can be so helpful for you. This is just one example of how you easy you can minimize your own needs and put others' needs before your own. One person's painful experiences does not mean that your own painful experiences are not valid.

Calling and scheduling an appointment, is the first step towards creating a life where you make yourself a priority. Where you begin to believe that it's ok to make time and space for yourself.

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